Tigerbooks is an amazing application for iPhone and iPad that provides a very child-friendly environment to purchase and read high-level eBooks. Classic eBooks in plain ePub format as well as highly enriched picture books will enhance every child's life.

Involved Skills

Workflow Management

Once the app itself has been built as a first draft, suitable content was necessary. Hand in hand with the programmer and the content creator we built up a workflow including Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop. Moreover, various ePub skills are required to provide a way to produce beautifully enhanced eBooks. In the end we had three different formats to chose from: classic books, enhanced books and highly interactive picture books.

Producer Digital Publishing

Using the newly built workflow I managed to teach others how to create so called “Tigerbooks” – primarily picture books in ePub format 3.0 with proprietary elements. The animations created via Adobe Flash are being exported in HTML and XML. A script would merge all the content files including sounds and audio text and compile a fully enhanced eBook in ePub format. Those eBooks can be converted to stand-alone applications or animated iBooks.

Business Development

While I was in charge of creating the productional environment for the Tigerbooks platform a lot of my thoughts and ideas influenced the whole project – beginning with possible features up to user friendly interface design and relevant qualities of the back-end. My background as an ePub specialist helped to get a better picture of the whole business around IDPF, ePub check and conversions to other formats.