Interesting conversations with inspiring individuals, new software, fancy gadgets … all of it makes me want to grow continuously. Hence, I walk through my life with eyes wide open, eager to learn and ready to get surprised.


I am convinced that agile project management contributes to more client- and customer-oriented work. There are many great tools such as Trello to keep on track with changing conditions and to (re)adjust priorities accordingly.


In general, I value and appreciate a trustful and professional way to communicate. Even though it gets tough sometimes, honest and direct communication pays off in the end – as it does for every part of one’s life.

Problem solver

For me as an engineer for Print and Media Technology, it is all about workflows. And wherever automatic production is not possible, I feel passionate about finding an individual solution for each problem.

Fast learner

Some workarounds may require switching the technology. With deadlines in mind, adapting the former production process might be hard, but it is worth it and saves more effort, eventually.

Team player

Being part of a team means a lot to me. Whether it is brainstorming for a kick-off meeting or on-going knowledge exchange – it is an essential part of my work to get to know others’ point of views.