This iOS application is part of a national program to boost reading and comprehension skills in early childhood education. It is designed to help children to develop and improve reading skills - for that reason I was very happy to join the project.

Involved Skills

Project management

My involvement covered the whole production process from conceptual design to work in animation and illustration. Hand in hand with the publishing house Ravensburger I developed the concept including all touch and start animations, charged a sound studio to create sound effects where necessary and took care of the artwork of any kind including screen design.

Cross-platform publishing

Primarily intended for iOS devices, it was necessary to create three different screens. Regarding iPad and iPhone the menu bars are situated above and below the actual content. However, in order to guarantee full reading experience on iPhone 5 which is more narrowed I put the menu bars on the sides instead. In the end we created another version of this book for both Android and Web, too.

User Interface Design

Usually the illustrator drew up missing icons or objects to give the whole project a harmonious look. I took over these files to outline a screen design that frames the content. For each icon there are both selected and unselected states as a response to recipient’s action. Those icons are being used to display the text, turn sound effects on or off and much more.