For the first time on the Tigerbooks platform the publishing house Oetinger engaged us at NEXT to produce a new kind of format that looks like a classic book but technically is an interactive picture book.

Involved Skills

Project management

In this case Oetinger let their designers do the work in Adobe Photoshop and Flash. But both text including audio files and sound effects were missing so I took over the well-prepared files and finished the project. In order to do so I rearranged the page in Adobe Flash to add the missing parts.


This book contains the very useful word highlighting feature. Usually the publishing houses would supply the necessary label data. But of course there are occasional spelling mistakes that needed to be corrected. Audacity is a great tool for creating label data since it lets you import audio files and label words or sentences.


This type of book technically is picture book but feels like a classic book. Because it was the first book that was publishing in this new “format” I provided support for other designers and colleagues and trained them how to produce a book like this.