The Robber Hotzenplotz is one of the most important characters in every child's life. We took the plot to develop an entertaining gaming app for iOS platforms – still based on the actual content but far more than just a digital version of the book.

Involved Skills


Together with a colleague of mine who is specialized in graphic design we developed a concept that would fresh up the cult figure Hotzenplotz a bit. By creating a game for mobile devices we demand the recipient to take action. Otherwise he or she would not be able to enter the next level. Seven mini games require certain skills such as balancing the device, fast reaction und much more.

Project management

The publishing house Thienemann entrusted us with the project management concerning the production itself. For instance, we set up a file with all the required audio texts and sound effects. Some of them have been part of the audio book already, some had to be designed from scratch. To give the programmer a better impression of the project we created all the screens in Adobe Photoshop as well as a chart that would display the game’s flow.

User Interface Design

One very demanding task was to develop a user interface design that would be easy enough for children to navigate through the game while looking colorful and interesting. Hence, the first few days we spent our time playing, gaming and puzzling over riddles. That very exciting but also exhausting benchmark was necessary to evaluate pros and cons of each user interface design. We gave our best to assess these apps with children’s eyes.