What if … there was an app that helps you dealing with your grief? Let the app navigate you on a cemetery, let AR show you old memories and add content yourself.

Required Skills


Although the functionality of the mobile application is quite clear to me there is one thing that bothers me. Producing an app like that means to deal with such a sensitive topic. It will be difficult to find the right balance between wanting to help without hurting someone even more.

User Interface Design

The app itself should be styled in a subtle and discreet way. Due to the controversial character fonts and colors should be selected very carefully. The AR browser will only display what the administrating individual adjusted in settings, and data privacy will be of highest priority.

App Development

Depending on your very own settings you decide whether GPS navigation may guide you or others to the grave, whether to show interactive content and to whom and how to trigger it. Depending on the bereaved’s choice, the app might be of use for public characters or limited to family members.