What if … there was an app that gives you the ability to mix up reality and virtuality? Imagine you express yourself without having to follow social conventions such as at work or at home. Just use AR – and let everyone see the real YOU.

Required Skills


One of the biggest challenges will be to develop a harmonious concept. What I have in mind is a mobile application for smartphones that let you link virtual content to your personality. As technology Augmented Reality will be used – and that is something I have not done before. But I would like to try!

App Development

You should be able to chose whether you show your virtually enhanced personality to everyone, to a certain group of chosen people or even limit it to yourself. Upload various content, add animated objects and sound and use it to get it displayed via an AR browser. Or let it triggered by QR codes.

User Interface Design

Design means everything – it decides on your app’s success. Considering the huge amount of fantastically styled applications out there it will be an enormous challenge to create a design that is both stylish and intuitive. I will think of something that is pure and simple, easy to use but nevertheless great to look at.