What if … there was an app that prevents you from getting thrombosis? Respectively one that helps you deal with that disease? Let your smartphone work as a reminder to live a healthier lifestyle.

Required Skills


Nowadays, more and more people face thrombosis at some point in their lives – no matter if they are actual patients or just taking precautions. This mobile application will function as an easy- and fun-to-use reminder to exercise, hydrate and wear compression socks. Together with a doctor, the recipient might adjust settings corresponding with his health status.


Since dealing with health issues seems to be considered a bit boring, a gamified system might be very useful. Game Thinking elements will engage and motivate recipients. For instance, a flower goes limp after a while. The recipient then remembers to hydrate and water the flower via touch gestures afterwards.


Essential for a gamified system is a neat and stylish yet functional design. It is colors and shapes that motivate the recipient rather than long paragraphs. So instead of written words, I will use icons and graphics that illustrate reminders. A fading background color and push notifications bring necessary moves back to mind.